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Research and Statistics

Research and Statistics

Henry Wade Juvenile Justice Center - 2600 Lone Star Drive, Dallas, TX 75212
Phone: (214) 698-2200

The Research and Statistics Unit of the Dallas County Juvenile Department (DCJD) falls under the authority of the Deputy Director of Executive and Administrative Services.

The mission of the Research and Statistics Unit is to support the mission of the Dallas County Juvenile Department through effective and efficient data management, reporting, and analysis of all operations affecting youth outcomes. To this end, the DCJD Research and Statistics Unit is responsible for all data reporting and quantitative analysis including the production of a research agenda, program evaluation, data reporting, and fulfilling approved external research requests. Beginning in 2021, the Unit will also produce and publish an annual report which will summarize the Department’s operations. The Research and Statistics Unit does NOT process public information requests.

The Research and Statistics Unit will report and publish relevant, aggregate data within the pages of this site during timely intervals which will typically elaborate on Annual Report statistics. The Unit will generally use graphics of various kinds, including figures, graphs, and tables to disseminate the information and said graphics should be appropriately referenced, credited, and cited if they are reproduced, adapted, and/or used for any purpose.

Professors and researchers who have or wish to make a research proposal for primary or secondary research should go here.

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