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Electronic Monitoring [ELM] / Alternative Sentencing Program [ASP]


House Arrest

The Electronic Monitoring (ELM) program was designed to provide very intensive supervision to high risk bond cases.  Three types of supervision are offered in this program include the following:

  • GPS with work and/or school release
  • Full house arrest with GPS
  • RF with work and/or school release
  • Full house arrest with RF

This program is currently offender funded. 

ELM provides an opportunity for defendants to be out of Jail under House Arrest.  While on the program they can go to Work and/or School while under intensive ELM supervision if allowed by the judge. 

The Alternative Sentencing Program (ASP) is designed to offer an alternative for those Defendants with County Jail sentences. Judges can now sentence qualifying defendants to ASP/ELM which is an offender funded program instead of a costly jail sentence.   The supervision of this program is intensive and uses RF or GPS monitoring equipment.