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Tax Abatement Projects

Tax Abatement Projects

Administrative Office - 411 Elm Street, Dallas, Texas 75202  |  214-653-6671
District Office - 1506 Langdon Road, Dallas, Texas 75241  |  972-225-2378

YRCityDistProjectRequired #Housing UnitsRequired #Jobs/Payroll IncreaseInitially Required Tax Base Increase/Investment*ACTUAL TAX BASE INCREASE AS OF 1/2017Type of AbatementEffective DateStatus
2003Dallas3DP&L Buildings155n/a$10 million$9.5 million90% real1/1/05Project completed; fulfilled initial investment requirement. Abatement ended in 2014.
2003Hutchins3FedExn/a200$50 million$86.6 million85% real/BPP1/1/06Project completed; Abatement ended in 2015.
2003Dallas3Republic Center Tower200n/a$20 million$36.5 million90% real1/1/07Project completed. Abatement ended in 2016.
2004Dallas3Interurban Bldg.100n/a$9.9 million$14.2 million75% real1/1/06Project completed; fulfilled initial investment requirement. Abatement reduced from 90% to reflect closing of on-site grocery store. Abatement ended in 2015.
2005Dallas3One Arts Plazan/a675$90 million$175 million56%-75% real/BPP1/1/08Project completed.
2005Dallas3Dallas Morning Newsn/a80$31.5 million

$25 million

90% real1/1/07Project completed; abatement terminated after two years because facility was closed.
2005Dallas3Mercantile Complex300n/a$40 million$62.2 million90% real1/1/09Project completed.
2005Dallas3Fidelity Union Tower400n/a$30 million*$64.5 million90% real1/1/07Project completed.  Abatement ended in 2016.

400 N. Ervay/ U.S. Post Office/Couthouse Bldg

n/an/a$3 million$15.5 million70% real1/1/12Project completed.
2007Dallas3Woodlawn/Old Parkland Hospitaln/an/a$12.5 million$11 million90% real1/1/09Project completed; fulfilled initial investment requirements.
2008Dallas3804 Pacificn/an/a$3 millionn/a50% real1/1/10Project did not materialize, eligibility period has expired.
2009Dallas3Nurses Buildingn/an/a$2.7 millionn/a70% real1/1/10Project completed; fulfilled initial investment requirements.
2009Dallas3Lake June Plaza Shopping Centern/an/a$5 million$9 million75% real1/1/11Project completed, but is not eligible within required period.
2010Wilmer3Whirlpool Dist. Centern/a100$40 million$76.3 million85% real/BPP1/1/12

Project completed.

2011DeSoto3Kohl's Distribution Centern/a400$60 million$96.9 million75% real/BPP1/1/15

Project complete. 

2012Dallas3Dallas High School400n/a$30 millionn/a90% real1/1/16

Project did not materialize; later redevel- oped by another party.

2012Dallas3One Dallas Center/350 St. Paul225n/a$40 million$65 million90% real1/1/15

Project completed.

2012Wilmer3Ace Hardwaren/a100$37.7 million$38.2 million67%-75% real/BPP1/1/15

Project completed, but was not eligible within required period.

2014Dallas31210 S. Lamar270     n/a       $25 million$31 million75% real1/1/17

Project completed.


Procter &

n/a390$50 million$108.4 million

75% real/

50% BPP

Project completed.  No abatement claimed.

2015Dallas3Amazonn/a500-900$17 million$26.5 million



Project completed.

2018Dallas 3Vistaprintn/a200$29 millionn/a

50% real/



(5 yrs for


Project just approved.


Knights of

Pythias Temple
n/an/a$25 millionn/a90% real1/1/21

Project just approved.



n/a2500-3000$25 millionn/a90% BPP1/1/23

Project construction



n/a300$200 millionn/a60% BPP1/1/22

Not clear what
impact of current
health situation will
have on project.