About John Wiley Price

Administrative Office - 500 Elm Street, Suite 7300, Dallas, TX 75202  |  214-653-6671
District Office - 1506 Langdon Road, Dallas, Texas 75241  |  972-225-2378
E-mail: district3@dallascounty.org

John Wiley Price is the ranking member of the Dallas County Commissioner’s Court, and the most visible proponents of justice and liberation in the State of Texas. But don’t just believe what you may have heard about him, his record of resilience and respect that says it better than anyone person ever could.

John Wiley Price, “Our Man Downtown” came to elective position and to his purpose in a mercurial fashion. JWP was elected as the first African American to the Dallas County Commissioner’s Court, and has served for more than 38 years. He remains as passionate and popular as the day he took office on January 1, 1985.

John Wiley Price prevailing promise was to develop alliances that would guarantee Minority and Women Business Enterprise (MWBE) contractors equal opportunity with Dallas County. Prior to 1985, Dallas County let roughly $50,000 to minorities while managing an operating budget of hundreds of millions of dollars. Since his investiture, procurement and contracts let to minority vendors and professionals has exploded. Dallas County’s MWBE began publishing annual results in 1998 and report an aggregate total of $372,032,707.89 as of June 2011.

John Wiley Price’s fights for inclusion among institutions that traditionally resist minority participation. To name a few of his duties, he serves as Chairman of Dallas County Civil Service Commission, Chairman of Jail Population Committee, Vice President of the Dallas County Juvenile Board, Chairman of Jail Sanitation and Maintenance Committee, Vice President of the Dallas County and Housing Finance Corporation, Chairman of the Public Health Advisory, Bioterrorism and Safety.

John Wiley Price is the Founder and President of KwanzaaFest, Inc., the largest community, cultural event in the state established in 1991. In 2010 the event recorded 48,456 in health screening which equated to $1,043,090 in free health care. KwanzaaFest plays host to an excess of 50,000 patrons and embraces the seven principles of the African American holiday, Kwanzaa.

John Wiley Price has been active in this community and is no stranger to personal sacrifice. Over 38 years leadership, the Commissioner’s extracurricular activities include "The Dallas County Community Leadership Luncheon", nightly host of KKDAs "Talk Back, Liberation Radio", and a drive time radio crusade known as Liberation Nation KNON 89.3

John Wiley Price is a widely sought after facilitator and featured speaker for community events, educational lectures on the local and the national level. He tells it like it is without regard to audience or prevailing opinion. The history of Dallas reflects that JWP has been an active Warrior for justice by protesting in the streets as well as in the boardroom. He is known as a faithful friend and a formidable foe. Much like the Apostle Paul, wherever he goes his advocacy for justice is sure to cause a riot or a revival.

John Wiley Price manages his personal responsibilities with the same rigor and regard that he has for his work. He is the committed father of two sons, John Jr. and John Nicholas, and one daughter, Angelina Monique.

John Wiley Price is a respected leader who applies the discipline of management and stewardship to every aspect of his personal and professional life. He is a motivator and a liberator for all the people. But to his constituents in District 3 and throughout Dallas County he is still known simply as, "Our Man Downtown."