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Judge Kelly

Frank Crowley Courts Building - 133 N. Riverfront Boulevard, 4th Floor, Dallas, TX 75207
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CCC11 Introduction Video

Introduction to County Criminal Court No. 11

Welcome to County Court No. 11! In this video, we would like to share some tidbits on how to get around the Frank Crowley Courthouse. Judge Kelly gives advice on where to park, closest places to grab something to eat, amongst other things for people that are visiting, or serving for jury.



How to Dress for Court

In this video, Judge Kelly discusses what is considered an appropriate attire for presenting yourself to court.  First impressions are lasting impressions!



DWI and License Suspensions

In this video, Judge Kelly sits down with Judge Dan Patterson, presiding judge of County Criminal Court No. 1, to discuss DWI and License Suspensions. We wanted to share some general guidelines on what you should or should not do if you find yourself in this convoluted situation. Please, do not drink and drive!



Grand Jury Service

In this video, Judge Kelly sits down with Honorable Stephanie Huff, to discuss what it means to be a part of a Grand Jury and how it differs from Jury Service.




In this video, Judge Kelly discusses immigration and consequences of arrest for a non-citizen with  Immigration Specialist at the Public Defender’s Office, Jordon Pollock. Here you will learn some facts about immigration, as well as what to do first if you find yourself in this situation. Please consult a lawyer before posting bond if this is the case for you or a loved one.



Protective Orders

In this  video, Judge Kelly sits down with Asst. District Attorney Carla Bean to discuss the difference between a Protective Order, Stay Away Order, Emergency Protective Order, and the consequences one might face for violating an order.