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Consolidated Services

Records Management

Phone: (214) 637-0336  |  Fax: (214) 637-8324

The Records Management Program facilitates effective records management practices and assists County departments to in their efforts to comply with the Local Government Records Act. Participation is mandatory for departments with appointed heads, and voluntary by elected officials.

We promote excellent records management practices by:

  • Records Management training for customer Departments to ensure compliance and efficiency of processes.
  • Consultative guidance on digitized records management as well as the migration of records to electronic recordkeeping systems
  • Providing off-site storage of County records at our Records Management Center’s two (2) facilities.
  • Maintaining the County policy that provides direction and authority to County officials to manage their records.
  • Maintaining the Records Retentions and Control Schedules for the various Departments.
  • Transferring of records of permanent value to the Dallas County Records Storage.
  • Coordinating the destruction of physical records which have met the retention schedule requirements through shredding to ensure security and recycling.

Records Management Contact(s):

Rick Nulisch, Records Compliance Officer, RMO (Records Management Officer)
(214) 653-6628

Dennis Everling, Warehouse Supervisor
(214) 653-4874

Records Management Forms

Inventory Sheetexcel icon
Records Management General Training PacketAdobe Acrobat Reader
Request to Transfer Records Form (RM01)excel icon
Request to Records Center Form (RM02)excel icon
Transitory Destruction Request Form (RM03)Adobe Acrobat Reader
Notice of Destruction Form (RM04)Adobe Acrobat Reader