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Consolidated Services

Shared Vehicle Services

Records Building - 500 Elm Street, Suite 6200, Dallas, TX 75202
Phone: (214) 653-4486  |  Fax: (214) 653-6464

The Shared Vehicle Service Program provides loaner vehicles to customer departments which do not currently have vehicles assigned to them. This program is ideal for departments that do experience a significant amount of travel each year. Whether the travel be from downtown Dallas to Denton County or to Bexar County, the Shared Vehicle Services Program is ready, willing, and able to assist.

The Shared Vehicle Services Program provides a number of vehicle types:

  • Electric vehicles
  • Alternatively fueled/Hybrid vehicles
  • Economy to full size sedans

Shared Vehicle Services Contact(s):

Julio Cuin, Fleet Manager
(214) 653-6529