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Consolidated Services

Fleet Operations

Automotive Service Center - 321 Northgate, DeSoto, TX 75115
Phone: (214) 589-7073  |  Fax: (214) 589-7090

Fleet Operations is responsible for Dallas County’s vehicle fleet as well as Parkland Hospital’s fleet. Fleet Operations provides safe and reliable vehicles for supported agencies, with programs specifically designed to meet industry standard best practices and cost-effective methodologies. Fleet Operations is involved throughout the entire life cycle of the vehicles it supports, from ordering and up fitting, to GPS installation and monitoring, to stripping for final auction. Provided services also include maintenance and repair to existing vehicles, fuel delivery and disaster response, managing County-owned fuel stations, dispensing and environmental compliance of fuel, and replacement vehicle orders. The Fleet Operations team currently supports over 900 County vehicles representing 28 departments, Fleet Operations assets include $24M in fleet valuation, $122,000 on-hand parts inventory, 2 County fueling facilities, and a Carwash facility. 

Fleet Operations support:

  • Maintenance/repair of County vehicles and equipment
  • Vehicle and equipment replacement, scheduling, and forecasting
  • GPS analytics such as idling, vehicle location, driving habits and behavior
  • Fuel system disbursement infrastructure, and spend monitoring
  • Specification development for procurement of vehicles and equipment

Fleet Operations Contact(s):

Jose Guzman, Shop Manager - Operations
(214) 589-7068

Julio Cuin, Fleet Manager - Business
(214) 653-6529

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