Laboratory Services

DCHHS’ laboratory provides required testing for the major diseases of public health concern, such as sexually transmitted diseases and Tuberculosis. The lab’s hours of operation are from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Laboratory deliveries should be sent to Suite 003 in the basement. The fees listed below are associated with clinic visits and referrals only. The lab does not test walk-in clients.

Click here for the CLIENT SERVICES MANUAL.

General Bacteriology TestingC. trachomatis/N. gonorrhoeae rRNA
Gram Stain (GISP Surveillance)
LRN* Bacteriology TestingB. anthracis
F. Tularensis
Y. pestis
General Immunology TestingT. pallidum Antibodies Screen (IgG/lgM)
Rapid Plasma Reagin (Quant/Qual)
T. pallidum Antibody Confirmation
HIV Antigen / Antibody Screen
HIV (1/2) Antibody Confirmation
Mycobacteriology TestingM. tuberculosis complex & Rifampin Resistance
Acid - Fast Fluorescent Smear
Mycobateria Culture and Identification
Antimycobacterial Susceptibility Testing
Parasitology TestingTrichomonas vaginalis rRNA
Serology TestingRapid Plasma Reagin (Quant/Qual)
T. pallidum Antibodies
STAT - Urinalysis TestingPregnancy test (hCG)
Urinalysis Screen (pH, Spec. gravity, Ketone, Glucose, Nitrite, Total Protein, Bilirubin, Urobilinogen, Blood, Leukocyte)
STAT – Blood TestingHIV (1/2) Screen
Syphilis Ab Screen
Rapid Plasma Reagin (Quant/Qual)
STAT - SwabTrichomonas vaginalis antigen
STAT - MicroscopyT. pallidum Morphology / Motility
Gram-Neg Diplococci (GND)
Polymorphonuclear neutrophils (PMNs)
Virology TestingHerpes Simplex Virus Culture
LRN* Virology TestingInfluenza A (and Subtype), B (and Subtype), H5, H7
Orthopox Virus
Non-variola Orthopoxvirus (e.g., Mpox)
Ebola Virus
Zika Virus
Dengue Virus
Chikungunya Virus
West Nile Virus (Mosquito Surveillance)

*NoteLRN Testing must have prior approval from BT Coordinator (please see the Client Service Manual).

For more information, call (214) 819-1950.




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