Facilities Dispatch

Procedures for Placing a Work Order (Civilian & Jail-Detention)

Facilities Dispatch - Hours of Operation:  Monday - Friday from 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM (excluding holidays)

Effective January 1, 2022”. Public Service will be servicing all paintwork order request. Please submit request to PublicServiceProgram@dallascounty.org directly, using the current formatting.



If you are experiencing a FULL power outage, tripped breaker, flood, fire, gas-like smell or fire alarm system malfunction and (elevator or inmate) entrapment, etc., please call Dispatch directly at 214-653-6777 for immediate attention.



*******CMMS Work Order System / TRIRIGA**********


Dallas County has implemented a new CMMS system (work order system).

If you are requesting a service listed below - please allow 20 days for completion of this request.

  • Hanging whiteboards/cork boards/etc.
  • Hanging Pictures/Plaques;
  • Installing coat hangers;
  • or door kicks
  • signage, decals, etc. - please allow 15 days for completion


Recycling Procedures:

All bins are located on the dock of each facility - FCCB (dock), George Allen (dock) and Records (ground floor employee entry area) or outlying facilities designated location. Pick up a locked or an unlocked bin for your project. All bins are first come first served, locked or unlocked. If there are no bins available, they are all being used, Facilities does not have any control over the amount of bins allocated to each site (Public Service Program is our provider and allocates the number of bins for each facility)

Please email facilities.dispatch@dallascounty.org and request the full bin to be picked up. Facilities will pick up the bin (s); take to the dock for processing. Facilities will not exchange bins; we cannot guarantee that bins will be available.

Public Service will service all bins, locked or unlocked weekly.

Records Management, Facilities Management and Public Service goal is to provide sound solutions and excellent customer service.