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Dallas County offers medical insurance to full time employees so they can enjoy peace of mind and afford the medical care they need to remain healthy, happy, and productive.

The information that follows is a summary of the medical benefits provided to all full time employees. Dallas County participates in The Public Employees Benefits Cooperative (PEBC) along with other city and county agencies. Employees can choose to enroll in a PPO or High Deductible with Health Savings Account (HSA) Medical Plan. Benefits are available to full time employees only. Medical coverage begins on the 1st day of the month after you complete 30 consecutive calendar days of active employment as a regular, full-time employee. 

The 30-day waiting period is measured from your Hire Date, which is defined as the date you actively begin working for Dallas County on an active, full-time basis. 

For example, if your first day of regular, active employment is January 15th, you will be eligible for medical coverage on March 1st. If your first day of regular, active employment is February 1st, you will be eligible for medical coverage under your selected plan on April 1st, because the month of February has less than 30 days. 

To be eligible, you must meet these requirements:

  • You must be a regular full-time employee
  • You must continue to be actively employed (working 40 hours or more a week); and
  • You must complete the enrollment process within 14 days of your Hire Date or by the Annual Enrollment deadline. (Note: The annual open enrollment period is the month of November).

To add dependents, you must provide one of the following:

  • Valid certificate of marriage (license) or Declaration of Informal Marriage (common law Spouse)
  • Birth Certificate listing employee as parent Certificate of Adoption or Adoption Court Order listing employee as adoptive parent
  • Child Support Order, QMSCO or divorce decree indicating the child as the natural child of the employee
  • Birth certificate showing employee’s current spouse as parent of the child plus employee’s valid certificate of marriage
  • Birth certificate of grandchild and employee’s natural child plus birth certificate of employee’s natural child showing employee as parent; plus most recent 1040 showing grandchild claimed as dependent on employee tax return. (in lieu of 1040 – grandchild affidavit only for current year – obtained in Human Resource/Civil Services)
  • Court Order listing employee as Managing Conservator or Joint Managing Conservator (requiring employee to provide medical coverage for the child)

Surcharge Affidavit: 
To be completed if you are enrolling your spouse in your employer medical plan (PPO Plan or HDP, including retiree PMD/PSD). If you are NOT enrolling your spouse in your employer medical plan you do not need to complete the electronic submission. If you fail to complete the electronic submission or are late submitting it and you enroll your spouse in your employer medical plan, a $200.00 per month surcharge will be assessed every month until the electronic submission is completed. 

Click here for instructions on submitting a Spouse Medical Plan Surcharge Affidavit

Medical Coverage: 
Employees can choose from multiple medical plans. Dallas County pays a large portion of medical coverage for full-time employees. Employees may choose to opt out of medical plans by:

  • Providing proof of other comparable coverage, and
  • Login to ESS system and elect to opt-out of medical coverage; and
  • Completing a “Certification of Other Coverage” Form (Contact the Human Resources/Civil Service Department).

The bi-weekly rates are deducted from 26 paychecks only on a pre-tax basis as follows:

MEDICAL Per Pay Period Rates – Full Time Active Employees

Medical Plan OptionEmployee
Employee Plus
Employee Plus Child(ren)Employee Plus Family
HDP with Health Savings Account - HSA
UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus Network
UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus Network

For additional information about selecting a primary care physician, annual deductibles, physician services, preventive care, inpatient hospital services, diagnostic lab & X-rays, hospital emergency care services and other benefits, please visit the Public Employees Benefits Cooperative (PEBC) website at Be sure to register with to get the maximum utilization out of your medical plan.

Transparency in Coverage - UnitedHealthcare creates and publishes the Machine-Readable Files on behalf of PEBC member groups Dallas County, Tarrant County, the North Texas Tollway Authority, Denton County and Parker County. To link to the Machine-Readable Files, please click on the URL provided:

If you have specific questions about your benefits, please contact the Human Resources Department at 214-653-6161 or 214-653-6579.