Retirement Benefits Information

Retirement Benefits Information

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Two Opportunities to Save for Retirement!

Texas County and District Retirement System Program

Dallas County employees participate in the Texas County and District Retirement System (TCDRS). TCDRS currently has assets of over $16 billion and handles the retirement program for Texas counties and special districts. The program is mandatory for all full-time and some part-time employees of Dallas County.

Contemplating Retirement - Active Employee

  • Visit and select “Retiree” from the top menu for information about all retiree health benefits and other information.
  • Visit with Human Resources/Civil Service about retiree health insurance options before you retire and keep them up-to-date regarding your retirement plans.
  • The Treasurer’s office does not manage your retiree health benefits. You must contact Human Resources/Civil Service or you cannot enroll.

Contemplating Retirement - Eligibility

  • To be eligible for employer contribution to your retiree medical coverage, you (the retiree) must be vested with TCDRS and have a total of 10 years full-time, active employee service at Dallas County.
  • Part-time does not count.
  • Work performed for other employers (including other PEBC groups) does not count.
  • Prior service credits do not count.

You must have 10 years of Dallas County service to enroll in any group plan and currently in Dallas County health plan.

For additional Information, click here, or go to Benefits and Deductions:

  • Select the Texas County and District Retirement System link.


Deferred Compensation Program

Dallas County offers a Deferred Compensation Program, Nationwide Retirement Solutions, a 457 plan. Deferred Compensation allows you (the employee) to enroll in a supplemental retirement program with an array of professionally managed investment options from which you can select. This program is optional for Dallas County employees

For additional information, click here, or go to Benefits and Deductions:

  • Select the Dallas County Deferred Compensation Program – Nationwide Retirement Solutions


More Helpful Links to Retirement Benefits Information:

  • Texas County and District Retirement System (TCDRS) -


Retired Public Safety Officers Only

This information applies only to eligible, retired public safety officers (as defined by federal law) who are enrolled in the group health, dental and/or vision plan.

If you are a retired public safety officer enrolled in the retiree group health plan, you may benefit from a tax savings provision, referred to as the HELPS Act.

What is the HELPS Act?

The federal Pension Protection Act of 2006 (PPA) permits eligible retired public safety officers to exclude up to $3,000 of their qualified health insurance premiums from their gross taxable income each year, as long as the premiums are deducted from their retirement benefit. This means your health premium must be deducted from your TCDRS monthly retirement benefit to qualify for the tax savings.

How do I save money?

When you were an active employee, you were able to pay your health insurance premium with pre-tax dollars. HELPS extends this pre-tax benefit into retirement for up to $3,000 in premium cost. Your actual annual tax savings is based on your tax bracket. TCDRS will provide you a letter each year which shows the actual amount of premium not subject to tax. You will report that amount on your federal income tax return each year.

How does the law define a public safety officer?

The federal law defines a public safety officer as someone who retired from a public agency while serving in one of the following official capacities:

“As a law enforcement officer involved in crime and juvenile delinquency control or reduction, or enforcement of criminal laws (including juvenile delinquency) also including, but not limited to, the work of police, corrections, probation, parole and judicial officer”; or as a firefighter; or a chaplain of a police or fire department; or as a member of a rescue squad or ambulance crew.”

View the HELPS Act Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document for more information - found here.

To enroll in the HELPS program

  1. Complete the "Insurance Deduction Authorization Form for Public Safety Officers" - found here.
  2. Deliver the completed form to the County Human Resources Department (not TCDRS):
    Renaissance Tower
    1201 Elm Street
    23rd Floor, Suite 2300-B
    Dallas, TX 75270
  3. Forms received by Human Resources on or before the first day of the month will start the deduction from your monthly retirement benefit at the end of the next month.
    Example: Forms received by May 1 results in premium deducted from your TCDRS monthly retirement benefit on June 30 (July premium).

Visit PEBC - Retirees for more information:

  1. Click Dallas County
  2. Click Retiree benefits

HELPS Act Flyer