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Section 552.201 of the TPIA designates the chief administrative officer or each elected county officer as the officer for public information and the custodian—as defined by Section 201.003, Local Government Code—of information created or received by that county officer’s office. The TPIA requires all persons to submit requests for information in writing. Per Section 552.234(a), when a written request is sent via United States mail, electronic mail, hand delivery or any other appropriate method approved by the governmental body, including facsimile, it must be delivered to the officer for public information, or the person designated by that officer. Following these procedures best guarantees that requests are processed with full consideration of the rights and responsibilities afforded to requestors and to governmental bodies under the TPIA. Darryl Martin, the County Administrator, is the officer for public information for the departments within Dallas County that are not otherwise headed by an elected official. Under the TPIA, requests for records maintained by Dallas County departments that are not headed by an elected official would be properly submitted via the following:
Dallas County – Officer of Public Information
Attn: Darryl Martin
411 Elm Street, 2nd Floor
Dallas, TX 75202
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