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Vision Benefits

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The information below is a summary of the vision benefits provided to full time employees. Dallas County participates in The Public Employees Benefits Cooperative (PEBC) along with other city and county agencies. In 2018, employees can enroll in VSP Choice Plan. Benefits are available to full time employees only. Vision Coverage begins on the 1st day of the month after you complete 30 consecutive calendar days of active employment as a regular, full-time employee.

The 30-day waiting period is measured from your Hire Date, which is defined as the date you actively begin working for Dallas County on an active, full-time basis. 

For example, if your first day of regular, active employment is January 15th, you will be eligible for dental coverage on March 1st. If your first day of regular, active employment is February 1st, you will be eligible for dental coverage under your selected plan on April 1st, because the month of February has less than 30 days.

To be eligible, you must meet these requirements:

  • You must be a regular full-time employee
  • You must continue to be actively employed (working 40 hours or more a week); and
  • You must complete the enrollment process within 14 days of your Hire Date or by the Annual Enrollment deadline. (Note: The annual open enrollment period is the month of November).

Vision Coverage: Bi-weekly rates are deducted from 26 paychecks only on a pre-tax basis as follows: 

Note: Vision coverage is optional; employees can choose not to elect vision.

2018 VISION Per Pay Period Rates – Full Time Active Employees

Vision OptionEmployee
Employee Plus
Employee Plus
Employee Plus
VSP Choice Vision Plan$ 2.98$ 5.58$ 5.94$ 9.26

For additional information about selecting a doctor, vision services, preventive care, and all other benefits, please visit the Public Employees Benefits Cooperative (PEBC) at www.pebcinfo.com password 123 dallas.

If you have specific questions about your benefits, please contact the Human Resources Department at (214) 653-6579 or (214) 653-6161.