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Workers Compensation Annotate Time Management

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How do I annotate the employee’s time?

  • On the day of the injury, the time spent waiting for and receiving medical care because of the job related injury should be recorded as regular time worked.

  • If your employee is sent home, due to the injury, before the end of his/her shift, s/he should be paid as if the full shift had been worked.

  • Report and code the employee’s time using the Kronos time recording system, at least bi-weekly.

  • Time taken off for follow-up visits should be recorded as workers’ compensation 100, if law enforcement, or workers compensation 70, for non-law enforcement employees, and reported on a TWCC-6 form, which ensures that the employee will receive all qualifying worker compensation pay benefits.

  • While your employee is on workers’ compensation leave, JI Companies (Dallas County’s TPA) will insure he/she is paid properly, providing the employee submits his/her TWCC 73 in a timely manner and you submit TWCC-6 forms to the compensation section as required.