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Workers Compensation Injured on Job Management

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One of my employees was injured on the job. What should I do?


  • Call 9-1-1 immediately.

  • As the supervisor/manager, you must call “Company Nurse On Call” at 1-888-770-0931 and report the on-the-job injury for your employee no later than the end of the shift or within 24 hours.

  • After your employee is stabilized s/he must contact “Company Nurse On Call” to submit his/her statement of the incident. “Company Nurse On Call” will complete the Incident Report (First Report of Injury, DWC-1).


  • For all non-emergency on-the-job injuries (regardless of how minor the injury), you and the employee must call “Company Nurse” at 1-888-770-0931 immediately and report the injury.

  • “Company Nurse on Call” will determine the extent of the injury and if first aid or medical attention is required. “Company Nurse On Call” will complete the Incident Report (First Report of Injury, DWC-1).

  • First aid only required – The nurse will instruct the employee on how to treat the injury and inform the employee to contact “Company Nurse” if the injury worsens.

  • Medical attention is required – The employee will be referred to the nearest workers compensation facility for treatment (near his/her home or work location). Note: As the supervisor, you should evaluate the employee’s condition and ability to go to the medical facility without assistance and transport the employee if necessary.

Reminder: Call “Company Nurse On Call” immediately when an injury occurs or as soon as possible, preferably no later than the end of the employee’s shift or within 24 hours.


  • If possible, have another employee accompany your employee who can help provide information about the cause of the injury to the medical care provider and/or family members.

  • Reassign or re prioritize the employee’s job responsibilities as needed while the employee is off work.

  • Investigate the circumstances surrounding the injury to determine what happened and what can be done to prevent its recurrence.

  • Bring in expert assistance, such as the Workers Compensation/Safety Officer from the Human Resources/Civil Services department, to provide training, or contact facilities management for necessary repairs.