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Workers compensation Return to Work Employee

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How can I return to work? What do I need to do?

You must have a release from your treating physician to return to work; with or without restrictions.

  • Report to your supervisor immediately upon release from your treating physician and provide him/her with the documentation the treating physician gave you (either a doctor’s note or a Texas Workers’ Compensation Work Status Report TWCC-73) and await further instructions.
  • Also provided a copy of the physician’s release to Dallas County Workers Compensation Section.

Medical Clearance from The County Employee Health Center

  • If you are released with restrictions, or if you have no restrictions but have been off work for a period of time (30 days for law enforcement employees; 45 days for non-law enforcement employees), you must also have a release from the County’s Health Center Physician to return to work.
  • Sheriff’s Department employees only: Law enforcement employees assigned to the Sheriff’s Department (including DSOs) who have been absent from work due to an on-the-job injury for more than 30 days must receive a medical clearance physical from the County’s Employee Health Center. As soon as your provided releases you (for either modified or full duty) you must contact the Workers’ Compensation section (214-653-7667) immediately to be scheduled for a medical clearance by the Employee Health Center.
  • All Other Departments: If a non-law enforcement employee has been off work for more than 45 days, due to an on-the-job illness or injury, the employee must receive a medical clearance from the County’s Employee Health Center before returning to work. When your provider releases you for duty (either modified or full), you must contact your supervisor/department representative immediately to be scheduled for a medical clearance physical by the Employee Health Center.

Released back to work with restrictions (either by your treating physician and/or the County’s Health Center Physician)

  • You cannot come back to work until a light duty assignment has been located. Your supervisor will work with the Dallas County Workers Compensation section to find a light duty job that will accommodate those restrictions.
  • If you are released back to work with restrictions and light duty assignment is identified, you must sign and date a Bona Fide Offer of Employment (BOE) letter from your supervisor and return it to your supervisor or the Dallas County Workers Compensation Section prior to or on the day of your light duty assignment; NO EXCEPTION. Otherwise, you cannot return to work.