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Workers Compensation Unable to Work Management

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What if the employee is unable to return to work?

  • The employee should report to you immediately upon release from the treating physician and provide you with the documentation the treating physician gave him/her (i.e. doctor’s note or Texas Workers’ Compensation Work Status Report, TWCC-73).

  • Make sure the County Workers’ Compensation Section also receives a copy of the release (with or without restrictions).

  • Provide the employee with Family Medical Leave forms, (FMLA runs concurrently with Workers Compensation), and tell her/him to return it to you within 15 days. Upon return on the forms by the employee, review and approve/deny the request in accordance with FMLA policy and notify EE and Workers Compensation.

  • If denied, or FMLA has been exhausted and Leave of Absence LOA is available to the employee per department policy, provide the employee with the necessary LOA forms and request immediate completion and return for review and approval/denial by the department.

  • To insure accurate/timely compensation, tell the employee s/he must provide you documentation (periodic updates, doctor’s notes, etc.) related to his/her healing progress, anticipated date of return, and job restrictions, on a regular basis (at least bi-weekly), using a TWCC-73 form or doctors note for every doctors visit he/she has with his/her treating physician.

  • Contact JI Companies (Dallas County’s TPA) for up-to-date information regarding your employee’s status at (800) 752-6301.

  • Complete all supplemental form (TWCC-6, Supplemental Report of Injury form), time sheets, etc., as required, and in a timely manner, to ensure the employee is paid accurately.