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Workers Compensation Unable to Work Employee

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What if I am unable to return to work following and injury?

  • Report to your supervisor immediately upon release from your treating physician and provide him/her with the documentation the treating physician gave you (i.e. a doctor’s not or Texas Workers’ Compensation Work Status Report, TWCC-73).

  • Provide a copy of the release to the Dallas County Workers Compensations Section.

  • Request Family Medical Leave. FMLA will run concurrently with Workers’ Compensation. You have 15 days to complete and return the FMLA paper-work to your supervisor or department representative for FMLA determination. If eligible, all time taken by you related to the workers compensation injury/illness (i.e. days off, visits to the doctor, therapy, rehab, etc.) will count towards your 12 weeks (480 hours) FMLA entitlement.

  • Request Leave of Absence immediately if FMLA is denied due to ineligibility or FMLA is about to or has been exhausted.

  • To receive accurate/timely compensation, you must provide your supervisor or Dallas County Workers Compensation section with requested documentation on a regular basis (initial and periodic updates, at least bi-weekly).

  • The type and amount of workers compensation pay and other pay will be determined based on your employee type (law enforcement/civilian) and your election to use other forms of leave (sick, vacation, compensatory, etc.) to make up a full check/pay period, if applicable.

Note: To utilize other leave in conjunction with workers compensation, you must sign a Workers’ Compensation Leave Authorization form, AUD PR.

The My Texas Direct provider panel represents an exclusive group of medical providers that excel in treating injured workers and in returning them to productive duty in a timely manner.

A list of facilities approved for job related injuries, effective January 1, 2016.

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See Chapter 82, Article VIII