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Workers Compensation Unable to Work Employee

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What if I am unable to return to work following and injury?

  • Report to your supervisor immediately upon release from your treating physician and provide him/her with the documentation the treating physician gave you (i.e. a doctor’s not or Texas Workers’ Compensation Work Status Report, TWCC-73).

  • Provide a copy of the release to the Dallas County Workers Compensations Section.

  • Request Family Medical Leave. FMLA will run concurrently with Workers’ Compensation. You have 15 days to complete and return the FMLA paper-work to your supervisor or department representative for FMLA determination. If eligible, all time taken by you related to the workers compensation injury/illness (i.e. days off, visits to the doctor, therapy, rehab, etc.) will count towards your 12 weeks (480 hours) FMLA entitlement.

  • Request Leave of Absence immediately if FMLA is denied due to ineligibility or FMLA is about to or has been exhausted.

  • To receive accurate/timely compensation, you must provide your supervisor or Dallas County Workers Compensation section with requested documentation on a regular basis (initial and periodic updates, at least bi-weekly).

  • The type and amount of workers compensation pay and other pay will be determined based on your employee type (law enforcement/civilian) and your election to use other forms of leave (sick, vacation, compensatory, etc.) to make up a full check/pay period, if applicable.

Note: To utilize other leave in conjunction with workers compensation, you must sign a Workers’ Compensation Leave Authorization form, AUD PR.