Dallas County will be closed on Monday, May 27th in observance of Memorial Day

Administrative Office: Records Building - 500 Elm Street, Suite 7100, Dallas, TX 75202
Road and Bridge Office: 715 Rowlett Rd, Garland, Texas 75043
Administrative Office: 214-653-6668   Fax: 214-653-7572
E-mail: Theresa.Daniel@dallascounty.org

DateResolutions 2023
12/05/2023Jeff Raska 13 Years of Service
12/05/2023Dallas County Ending the HIV Epidemic
11/21/2023National Adoption Day 2023
11/07/2023National Diabetes Month 2023
11/07/2023Homelessness Awareness Month 2023
10/17/2023National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2023
10/03/2023Jury Appreciation Week
10/03/2023National 4-H (head-heart-hands-health) Week
10/03/2023National Manufacturing Day 2023
09/19/2023National Suicide Awareness Month 2023
09/05/2023International Day of Clean Air 2023
08/15/2023Women's Equality Day 2023
08/01/2023Uterine Fibroid Awareness Month 2023
06/20/2023Delores Lacy Retirement from Dallas County
06/20/2023National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month 2023
06/15/2023In Memory of Jesse Tafalla, Jr.
06/10/2023In Memory of Joan Covici
06/01/2023In Memory of Brent Berryman
05/20/2023The Valle Family of Garland Texas
05/07/2023Mary Magdalene Davis-Perry 100th Birthday
05/02/2023National Police Week
05/02/2023National Treatment Court
05/02/2023National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month
04/24/2023Ruth O'Neal 100th Birthday
04/23/2023In Memory of Ruth Wells Wyrick
04/21/2023In Memory of Walter John Ender
04/18/2023National County Government Month 2023
04/04/2023Black Maternal Health Week 2023
04/04/2023Child Abuse Prevention Month 2023
04/04/2023Susan Cluse Retires from City of Balch Springs
03/30/2023In Memory of William "Bill" Pulte
03/25/2023Recognizing Garland Club Member Cheryl Smith for Women's History Month
03/25/2023Recognizing Garland Club Member Norma Adams-Wade for Women's History Month
03/21/2023Transgender Day of Visibility
03/21/2023Parkland and Managed Care Organizations
03/21/2023National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
03/21/2023Rhonda Burks Retirement from Dallas County
03/07/2023Women's History Month
02/26/2023In Memory of Robert "Bob" Costello
02/21/2023American Heart Month
01/20/2023Congratulations to CC Young Senior Living Wii Bowling Team
01/20/2023Honoring the First Families of El Poso Barrio

DateResolutions 2022
12/20/2022International Human Rights Day
12/16/2022In Memory of David R. Dunnigan
12/15/2022In Memory of George Keaton, Jr.
12/06/2022HIV & AIDS Awareness Month 2022
11/15/2022National Adoption Day 2022
11/15/2022Homelessness Awareness Month
10/18/2022The Southeast Dallas Chamber of Commerce Celebrates a 75th Anniversary
10/04/2022Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2022
10/04/2022National 4-H Week - Celebrating Opportunity 4 All
09/20/2022National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month
09/06/2022National Recovery Month
08/16/2022Women's Equality Day 2022
08/16/2022A Commitment to Women's Healthcare
06/25/2022In Memory of Bob Slagle
06/21/2022Designing History Special Student Art Exhibit
06/21/2022A Resolution to Create a Dallas County Clean Fleet Plan
06/14/2022In Memory of Sherry Cusumano
06/13/2022In Memory of Mark Pacholke
06/07/2022In Memory of Rachel Baker Ford
06/07/2022LGBTQ+ Pride Month 2022
05/17/2022Dallas County Deflects Ribbon Cutting
05/17/2022National Drug Court Month 2022
04/19/2022Reverend George Mason Retires from Wilshire Baptist Church
04/05/2022Child Abuse Prevention Month 2022
04/03/2022In Memory of Danielle Gonzales
03/31/2022Virginia Howard 100th Birthday
03/25/2022Mary Foster 100th Birthday
03/22/2022CC Young Senior Living - Celebrating 100 Years
03/07/2022Georgia Baier 100th Birthday
03/05/2022In Memory of Charles Dale McEowen
02/26/2022Dallas County Aggie Moms' Club 100th Anniversary
02/15/2022Thank You to Dr. Paula Dobbs-Wiggins, Parkland Board of Managers Member
02/15/2022Balch Springs Mayor Carrie Gordon
02/12/2022Honoring Santos Rodriguez Statue Dedication

DateResolutions 2021
12/21/2021Mr. Joseph "Joe" Watts Retires from Dallas County - 24 Years of Service
12/21/2021Janet Butcher Retires from Dallas County - 25 Years of Service
12/16/2021Lillian Geneva Durst Holmes Gips 100th Birthday
12/07/2021Congratulations to Mayor Aleman, City of Mesquite
10/19/2021Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2021
10/19/2021Dallas County Deflects Thanks Mark Cuban
10/05/2021Celebration of Life - Virginia Savage McAlester
10/05/2021Voting Rights Texas SB 1
09/21/2021National Recovery Month
08/21/2021Dr. Carlton P. Byrd Elected President of the Southwest Region Conference
08/17/2021Women's Equality Day 2021
08/03/2021Clean Air Action Day
07/25/2021In Memory of James White
07/06/2021Uterine Fibroid Awareness Month
06/15/2021Menstrual Equity IGNITE
06/01/2021Karen Kerr Retirement - 38 Years of Service
05/18/2021Roy Frederick Recognition - 50 Years of Service
05/18/2021Lary Young Retirement - 40 Years of Service
05/18/2021Craig Morrissey - Thank You for Your Service to Dallas County
05/18/2021Drug Court Month 2021
05/04/2021DSRIP and 1115 Waiver Program Extension
04/06/2021Child Abuse Prevention Month 2021
03/23/2021National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month 2021
03/02/2021Women's History Month 2021
03/02/2021Marsha Jackson Day
02/19/2021B.J. Williams - A True Friend of the People of Dallas County
02/19/2021Heart Health Month 2021

DateResolutions 2020
12/15/2020HIV Awareness Month 2020
11/17/2020National Adoption Day 2020
11/10/2020Homelessness Awareness Month
11/05/2020In Memory of The Honorable Curtistene McCowan
10/20/2020National Cyber Security Awareness Month
09/15/2020National Recovery Month 2020
09/15/2020Suicide Prevention Week 2020
09/01/2020Adeeb Hyder Retires from Dallas County
08/18/2020Women's Equality Day
08/06/2020In Memory of Curtis J. Smith
08/04/2020Clean Air Action Day 2020
07/12/2020Ada Hansford Hamilton Park Resident 89th Birthday
06/16/2020LGBTQ Pride Month 2020
05/19/2020Drug Court Month 2020
04/21/2020Stephen Hudkins Retires from Texas A&M AgriLife Dallas County Extension
04/07/2020Child Abuse Prevention Month 2020
03/04/2020Fred Herold 100th Birthday
03/03/2020Women's History Month 2020
02/18/2020Heart Health Month 2020
02/11/2020Gladys Vanous Bates 100th Birthday

DateResolutions 2019
12/17/2019Vickie Buchanan's Retirement - 23 Years of Service
12/03/2019Jordan Jasper Home Depot Hero
11/30/2019In Memory of William B. Bess
11/23/2019In Memory of Jack Blackshear
11/19/2019National Adoption Day 2019
11/19/2019Carol Miller's Retirement - 30 Years and 9 Months of Service
11/19/2019In Memory of Dayton Easton Callahan
11/5/2019National Homeless Youth Awareness Month
11/05/2019National Diabetes Month 2019
11/05/2019NAACP Garland Unit Veterans Forum
10/15/2019Addressing Mesquite Day 15th Anniversary
09/17/2019Suicide Prevention Week 2019
09/08/2019In Memory of John Albach
09/04/2019In Memory of William Edward Wills
08/28/2019In Memory of Guillermo Gustavo "Gus" Temple
08/20/2019Women's Equality Day 2019
08/06/2019National Immunization Awareness Month 2019
07/09/2019In Memory of Dr. Wright Lassiter, Jr.
06/19/2020In Memory of Thomas "Tom" McLean Blackwell
06/18/2019Mount Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church
05/21/2019Drug Court Month 2019
05/07/2019National Mental Health Awareness Month 2019
05/07/2019National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month 2019
04/02/2019National Autism Awareness Month 2019
04/02/2019Child Abuse Prevention Month 2019
03/19/2019Women's History Month 2019
03/19/2019National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month 2019
02/12/2019Bernice Malise Press 100th Birthday
02/05/2019Heart Health Month 2019
01/15/2019Paulette Hunter's Retirement - 11 Years of Service

DateResolutions 2018
12/04/2018Opal Beth Miller's Retirement - 45 Years of Service
11/20/2018Homelessness Awareness Month 2018
11/19/2018In Memory of The Honorable Darlene Ewing
11/06/2018Veterans Day
11/06/2018National Adoption Day
11/06/2018National Diabetes Month
10/02/2018National Cyber Security Awareness Month
10/02/2018National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
09/20/2018In Memory of Isabelle J. Collora
09/18/20182018 International Day of Peace
09/15/2018Charles Smith Hamilton Park Legend
09/15/2018Curtis Smith Hamilton Park Legend
09/13/2018George Rogers Mayton 100th Birthday
09/04/2018Suicide Prevention Week 2018
08/21/2018Dora Elizondo - 32 Years of Service and Retirement
08/21/2018Women's Equality Day 2018
08/17/2018In Memory of Eli Davis
08/07/2018Judge Martin Hoffman's Judicial Internship Program
07/24/2018Frances Roberts Vance 100th Birthday
07/03/2018Jean Henderson Fowler 100th Birthday
06/26/2018In Memory of The Honorable John Loza
06/05/2018LGBT Pride Month 2018
05/15/2018National Stepping Up Day of Action
05/15/2018Jury Appreciation Week
05/15/2018National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month
05/01/2018Older Americans Month 2018
04/05/2018Lucie Mae Caddell Roland Celebrates 100th Birthday
04/03/2018Leah Gamble - 38 Years of Service and Retirement
03/30/2018Dr. Terry Smith Retires from Dallas County
03/20/2018Willie Mae Hardage Estes Celebrates 100th Birthday
03/20/2018Women's History Month - IGNITE
02/20/2018Zushan (Sam) Tao - 11 Years of Service and Retirement
02/18/2018In Memory of Gwen York
02/09/2018In Memory of Lillie M. Shoemake
02/06/2018Kathleen Storm - 31 Years of Service and Retirement
02/06/2018Heart Health Month 2018
02/05/2018In Memory of Gorgonio Lopez Perez
01/27/2018Oleta "Leta" Bailey Celebrates 101st Birthday
01/29/2018Paul McDonald Harris Celebrates 100th Birthday
01/26/2018In Memory of Annie Mae Sweet
01/16/2018Healthy Weight Week 2018

DateResolutions 2017
12/28/2017In Memory of Bonnie C. Breazeale
12/19/2017Reverend Dr. Bruce Buchanan - Retirement
12/19/2017Harold "Bud" Snodgrass Retirement
12/19/2017In Memory of Ruth Sharp Altshuler
11/14/2017In Memory of Sidney Francis Rowland, Jr.
11/07/2017In Memory of Vivian Anderson Castleberry
11/07/2017National Diabetes Month 2017
10/03/2017Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2017
10/03/2017Hamilton Park UMC's 60th Anniversary
10/03/2017National 4-H Week 2017
10/03/2017National Cyber Security Awareness Month
10/02/2017In Memory of Vera "Christy" Kinsler
09/23/2017Dr. James Howard Jennings, Jr. 30 Years of Christian Leadership
09/19/2017SB 292 Collaboration - Matching Funds for Mental Illness
09/05/2017Suicide Prevention Week 2017
09/05/2017National Recovery Month
09/03/2017Recognition of Dr. James Howard Jennings' Service to NMBC
08/15/2017Women's Equality Day 2017
08/01/2017National Immunization Awareness Month 2017
07/14/2017In Memory of Cleo Jane Rogers Halebian
07/05/2017Mandela Day 2017
07/03/2017In Memory of Marvin W. Woodson, Jr.
06/07/2017In Memory of Bobby L. Townsend
06/06/2017AIDS Services of Dallas 30th Anniversary
05/16/2017WWII Veteran Jacob Hardesty Celebrates 100th Birthday
05/16/2017Richardson High School Robotics Competition Champions
05/16/2017National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month
05/16/2017Mental Health Awareness Month
05/02/2017STAC Court 10th Anniversary
05/02/2017Jury Appreciation Week
05/02/2017Hamilton Park Undertold Marker Dedication
05/02/2017Pamela DeGroff - 35 Years of Service to Dallas County
05/02/2017National Military Appreciation Month
04/18/2017Ron Stretcher - 26 Years of Service to Dallas County
04/14/2017In Memory of Roy H. Williams
04/04/2017Radioactive Waste Transport
04/04/2017Child Abuse Prevention Month
03/21/2017National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
03/07/2017Women's History Month
02/11/2017In Memory of Jack Ehrhardt, MD
02/07/2017Unsung Heroes
01/17/201730 Years of Service - Captain David Mitchell's Retirement
01/17/2017Healthy Weight and Sugar Awareness Weeks
01/14/2017In Memory of Dr. Richard Cole

DateResolutions 2016
12/06/2016Celebrating the Partnership between the Juvenile Department and Cafe Momentum
10/14/2016National 4-H Week
10/04/2016National Cyber Security Awareness Month
09/08/2016In Memory of Sallie Ward Bailey
09/06/2016National Recovery Month
09/06/2016National Suicide Prevention Week
08/16/2016Women's Equality Day 2016
08/08/2016In Memory of Jerry Stephen Mattox
08/05/2016In Memory of Felix H. Lozada, Sr.
06/21/2016Dallas County LGBT Pride Month 2016
06/07/2016Indigent Defense and the Fair Defense Act of 2001
05/17/2016Mental Health Month 2016
05/17/2016National Police Week & Fallen Officer Memorial Day
05/17/2016Deputy Laura Hines' Retirement - 30 Years of Service
05/03/2016Parkland's Garland Health Center - 20th Anniversary
05/03/2016Clean Air 2016
04/24/2016In Memory of Jack Caffey
04/05/2016National Crime Victims' Rights Week 2016
03/01/2016Women's History Month 2016
01/19/2016"Thank You" Reverend Dr. Ronald E. Jones
01/07/2016Molly Bogen Retirement from the Senior Source

DateResolutions 2015
12/01/2015Dr. Connie Wilson - 6 Years of Service on the Child Welfare Board
11/17/2015Legacy Family Court of Dallas County
11/06/2015In Memory of Frankie M. Crumby
11/03/2015National Diabetes Month 2015
10/24/2015Christian Stronghold Church 20th Anniversary
10/22/2015Hamilton Park Pacesetter Magnet School 40th Anniversary
10/20/2015Clean Air 2015
10/06/2015Cyber Security Awareness Month 2015
09/29/2015National Manufacturing Day
09/15/2015National Recovery Month
09/08/2015Suicide Prevention Week
08/25/2015Women's Equality Day
08/25/2015Dallas County Community College District 50th Anniversary
08/18/2015Sims Chapel Missionary Baptist Church 100th Anniversary
08/11/2015Hamilton Park - 60th Anniversary
07/07/2015Stepping Up Initiative to Reduce Mental Illness in Jails
06/12/2015In Memory of Anna Margaret Williams-Hubener
06/09/2015LGBT Pride Month 2015
05/12/2015In Memory of Jim Wright
05/12/2015IH-635 East Transportation Project
04/25/2015In Memory of Mary McPhaul
04/21/2015"Texas Mission of Mercy" provides free dental care to uninsured
04/21/2015National Crime Victims' Week
04/14/2015Child Abuse Prevention Month
04/14/2015Sandy Potter - 14 Years as CEO of ValueOptions
04/11/2015Historic Travis College Hill
03/31/2015Women's History Month
03/24/2015National Colorectal Cancer Awareness
03/14/2015Amelia Boynton Robinson - Matriarch of the Voting Rights Movement
02/24/2015Jack Hedge's Retirement from Dallas County - 24 Years of Service
02/09/2015In Memory of Pastor Anthony Foster
02/03/2015Liam Mulvaney's retirement from Lifenet Texas - 43 Years
01/20/2015Michelle Hopkins - 25 Years of Service

DateResolutions 2014
11/11/2014Dallas County IT and Sheriff's Departments receive award from the Center for Digital Government
10/28/2014Arlington Hall - 75th Anniversary
10/21/2014NorthSTAR - Sunset Commission Decision
09/30/2014100 Years of Dallas County "Texas AgriLife" Extension Services
09/18/2014Peacemakers Celebrate 27th Anniversary & International Peacemakers Day
09/09/2014Suicide Prevention Week
08/12/2014IH-635 East Transportation Project
08/12/2014Judge Mary Teresa Tolle - 29 Years of Service
08/05/2014UNT School of Law becomes Texas' 10th law school
07/18/2014Nelson Mandela International Day
07/08/2014Dallas County IT Services receives the "TAGITM Excellence Award"
07/01/2014Beverly Levy retires from Dallas CASA - 21 Years of Service
06/15/2014"A Father's Table" - Celebrating fathers on Father's Day
05/27/2014Mental Health Awareness Month
05/20/2014Election Student Clerk Program
04/08/2014National Autism Awareness Month
04/01/2014Woodrow Wilson High School - 85th Anniversary
04/01/2014Baylor Medical Center at Garland - 50th Anniversary
03/04/2014Head Start of Greater Dallas - 25th Anniversary
02/25/2014Hamilton Park 2014 - A Historic Legacy

DateResolutions 2013
12/17/2013Anniversary Resolution - Remembering 2013
11/26/2013National Diabetes Month & World Diabetes Day
11/12/2013Ernie Banks - Presidential Medal of Freedom
10/01/2013National Cyber Security Awareness Month
08/20/2013Women's Equality Day
06/18/2013LGBT Pride Month - June 2013
04/30/2013Children’s Medical Center - 100th Anniversary
03/19/2013Women’s History Month
02/26/2013Deborah Robinson Retires - 23 Years of Service