Probate FAQ's

What is a will?

What is necessary to probate a will?

Can I probate a matter without an attorney (pro se)?

How long do we have to probate a will?

What is a letter of testamentary?

When can we contest a will?

How long must I wait after filing before my hearing?

When does an annual account have to be filed in an administration?

When does an annual account have to be filed in a guardianship?

Does this court require an Attorney Ad Litem for an heirship determination?

Once the will is probated does the Court distribute the property?

What is a muniment of title?

Do the Dallas County Probate Courts refer cases to the Dallas County Dispute Resolution Center?

What is the difference between real property and personal property?

Can I ask the judge a question concerning the merits of a pending judicial proceeding (Ex Parte Communications)?

Where can I review a file or recently filed documents?

What if we don’t have money to hire a lawyer?

What can I do if I think an elderly person or a disabled person is being abused or exploited?

AgencyPhone Number
Family Law Hotline1-800-777-3247
Law Library
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Dallas Bar Association
Lawyer Referral Services
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Legal Aid Services of NorthWest Texas
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Martin Luther King, Jr. Center
2922 MLK Blvd.
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SMU Civil Clinic
SMU School of Law
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Texas Wesleyan Civil Clinic
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817-212-4123 or
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