Probate Court No. 3
Dallas County, Texas

All hearings are being held remotely via Zoom in open Court.
In the event of a “Shelter in Place” Declaration, all hearings will be streamed on You-Tube.



Order of the Mental Illness Court Extending the Detention Period for Patients
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probate court 3

Official Address:
Probate Court No. 3
Renaissance Tower
1201 Elm Street, 22nd Floor
Suite 2200-B
Dallas, TX 75270
Telephone: (214) 653-6166


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judge m jones-johnson

The Honorable Margaret Jones-Johnson
Texas A&M University, J.D.
(formerly Texas Wesleyan University)
University of Arkansas - Little Rock, B.A.



Staff Attorney
Cara Featherstone
(214) 653-6166

Administrative Assistant
Elizabeth Lariz-Roberson
(214) 653-6166

Docket Coordinator
Peggy Johnson
(214) 653-6166

Matt Ellis
(214) 653-6166

Assistant Auditor
Jesus Espinoza
(214) 653-6166

Court Reporter
Charletta Breed
(214) 653-7828

Michael Lewis
(214) 653-6166