Probate Court No. 2 Staff

When to call the Dallas County Probate Clerk instead of the Court?
Call the County Clerk at (214) 653-7099 with questions about fees or filing (including questions about e-filing or the status of filings), questions about the status of service requests including the issuance of posted notice or citations, or to order new letters of guardianship or letters testamentary.

Associate Judge:

Hon. Lincoln Monroe
(214) 653-7138

The Associate Judge hears and maintains a docket of cases as assigned by the Presiding Judge.

Briefing Attorney:

Ryan Trobee
(214) 653-7130

The briefing attorney briefs upcoming cases for both the presiding and associate judges, and researches more complex areas of law at their request. He can be contacted for questions related to the following:

  • court policies and procedures
  • emergency relief (TRO’s, temporary injunctions, temporary guardianships, temporary administrations, etc.)
  • ad litem appointment status
  • one minute prove-up qualification
Administrative Assistant:

Vickie Dean
(214) 653-7329

The administrative assistant assists the presiding judge in all areas of court operations. She may be contacted regarding the following:

  • announcing ready prior to trial
  • reviewing surety bonds that are physically presented to court staff
Docket Coordinator:

Tralan Mathis
(214) 653-7012

The docket coordinator is responsible for maintaining the docket for the Presiding Judge and Associate Judge. He may be contacted regarding the following:

  • scheduling or cancelling hearings
  • status of a setting
  • arranging for a court-appointed interpreter in applicable cases

Charles Holmes
(214) 653-6837

The court auditor is responsible for reviewing and approving annual and final accountings, requests to expend funds, claims, and applications to pay attorney fees. He also manages the auditing department of the court. He may be contacted regarding the following:

  • status of accountings
  • status of fee applications
  • status of orders on claims
Assistant Auditor:

Julie Dodd
(214) 653-7368

This assistant auditor is responsible for reviewing and approving annual reports and guardianship reporting compliance. She also reviews and briefs guardianship applications for the Presiding and Associate Judges. She may be contacted regarding the status of an annual report and order continuing a guardianship.

Court Reporter:

Lisabeth Kellett
(214) 653-7737

The court reporter is responsible for attending and recording court proceedings to make verbatim, official records and prepare transcripts to standardized formats. She may be contacted to purchase a hearing transcript.


Deputy Jerry Elliott

The bailiff is responsible for maintaining security and order during court proceedings.