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The Criminal Justice System

How Do I Serve on a Jury?

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A petit jury takes part in both civil and criminal trials. The petit jury listens to the evidence offered during trial and returns a verdict of guilty or not guilty. 


Texas Government Code, Sec.62.102.

General Qualifications for Jury Service

A person is disqualified to serve as a petit juror unless the person:

(1) is at least 18 years of age; (2) is a citizen of the United States; (3) is a resident of this state and of the county in which the person is to serve as a juror; (4) is qualified under the constitution and laws to vote in the county in which the person is to serve as a juror; (5) is of sound mind and good moral character; (6) is able to read and write; (7) has not served as a petit juror for six days during the preceding six months in the county court or during the preceding six months in the district court; (8) has not been convicted of misdemeanor theft or a felony; and (9) is not under indictment or other legal accusation for misdemeanor theft or a felony.