Community Response Division

Community Response Division

Frank Crowley Courts Building - 133 N. Riverfront Boulevard, LB 19, Dallas, TX 75207
Telephone: (214) 653-3600 • Fax: (214) 653-5774

The Community Response Team is a focused, adaptive team that can target those offenders who pose the biggest threats or concerns to law enforcement and the well-being of the community. Three attorneys and an investigator are assigned to this team.

The team works closely with the law enforcement agencies and seeks to respond to where the community feels the most impacted by crime. The team reviews cases within seventy two hours of filing with the District Attorney’s Office. Upon a case being accepted by the team, that case is fast tracked and investigated so that any judge or jury will have all the facts available to them to make a just decision.

Through collaboration with the law enforcement agencies and community involvement the team seeks to reduce or eliminate the revolving door reality of those offenders who exhaust the limited resources of our jail and criminal justice system.



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