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Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP)

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The Pre-Screening Application has Opened
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EHAP Home is Where the Heart Is

Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP)
Funded Through: The U.S. Department 0f The Treasury
The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021

The Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) provides rental and utility assistance and related arrears to income-eligible households impacted by COVID-19 and help them recover economically from the impact of the pandemic. Funded by the Department of the Treasury (DOT) through the H.R. 133, Division N, Title V, Subtitle A, Section 501 of the Consolidated Appropriation Act, 2021, the program can pay up to twelve months of an eligible household’s rent and utilities including rental and utilities arrears.  The statute allows landlord and property owners to apply on behalf of their tenants after due consent. 

Please note submission of a pre-screening application does not guarantee eligibility or an offer of assistance.



Frequently Asked Questions

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Eligibility Requirements


  1. Assistance for rent no older than April 2020
  2. Rent for the household assisted may not exceed 120% of FMR/SAFMR (per TDHCA guidelines)
  3. Must have a bank account and accept direct deposit
  4. Units that are already receiving project-based assistance or are public housing units are INELIGIBLE
  5. Units that are owned by a unit of government may be ineligible


  1. Household income below 80% of Area Median Income (AMI)* - see chart below
  2. Household has been financially affected by COVID-19 pandemic
  3. Tenants are INELIGIBLE if they are receiving tenant-based voucher assistance, are in a unit receiving project-based assistance, or are in public housing

* Tenant/Household Area Median Income (AMI) Chart

FY 2020
Income Limit Area
Family Income
FY 2020
Income Limit Category
1 person2 person3 person4 person5 person6 person7 person8 person
Dallas, TX HUD
Metro FMR Area
$86,200Low (80%) Income
Limits ($)

Please note applicants who qualify will be required to provide current documentation (within the last 30 days) to support their claim. Please see below for the list of required documentation.



Required Documentation


  1. IRS W-9
  2. Copy of the executed lease with the tenant or if no written lease, required certification proving tenancy
  3. Documentation of Missed Payments (ledger, etc.)
  4. Landlord form and certification completed


  1. Personal ID
  2. Copy of the executed lease or if no written lease, required certification proving tenancy
  3. Income: evidence of eligibility under other qualified program** OR income evidence for past 30 days
  4. Tenant application completed.
  5. Tenant certification completed

**You are considered eligible and need no other documentation, if you have evidence that you: 1) are currently eligible for assistance under SNAP, SSI or Medicaid; OR 2) if you are living in a rent-restricted property and have evidence of an income certification from that property dated = or after March 31, 2020.



Know Someone Who May Qualify?

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