Forgery Affidavit Form

Forgery Affidavit Form

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A Forgery Affidavit form is primarily used when the payee's signature has been forged in the process of receiving payment through a Dallas County check.

Two (2) original forms must be printed and completed, notarized and then returned in person, to the Dallas County Treasurer's Office located on the 3rd floor of the Records Building, 509 Main, Dallas, along with a driver's license. The County Treasurer must send an original signed copy of the Affidavit, along with a copy of the driver's license to Bank of America before an investigation of the forgery in question is performed.

Once Bank of America completes a thorough investigation, the County Treasurer's Office will then be notified by Bank of America, as to the results of their investigation. The County Treasurer's Office will then notify the County department from which the check originated, informing them of Bank of America's conclusion to reissue the check or not. If the check has been approved for reissuing, the originating department will then reissue the check and send it to be disbursed by the County Treasurer's Office.

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