Stop Payment Form

Stop Payment Form

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A Stop Payment form is required when a Dallas County disbursement check is lost, stolen, inadvertently destroyed or if the payee has never received payment.

There is a $20.00 Stop Payment fee, in accordance with State Law, that is required at the time the Stop Payment is submitted.

Under Section 118.141 of the Texas Local Government Code, the County Treasurer or another officer who receives revenue in place of the County Treasurer may collect, from a person to whom the County issues a check, a fee for a stop-payment order as described by Section 118.143. (1) In an amount equal to the stop-payment fee charged to the County by the County Depository Bank; or (2) in an amount not to exceed $20.00.

Stop-Payment Order 118.143, the fee for a "Stop-payment order" under Section 118.141 is for placement of a stop-payment order on a check issued by a County for which the county will be directly or indirectly charged by the Depository bank or another bank.

The form should be printed and completed. The $20.00 stop payment fee, along with the signed original Stop Payment form must be returned to the Dallas County Treasurer's Office located in the Renaissance Tower at 1201 Elm Street, Suite 2300-A, Dallas, Texas 75270.

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Stop Payment Form