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Treasurer History

Treasurer History

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The first Texas Legislature enacted a bill on March 30, 1846, creating Dallas County. According to archival records, the following persons have served as Dallas County Treasurer.

Dallas County TreasurersTerm Served
Pauline Medrano2015
Joe Wells2007-2014
Lisa Hembry2003-2006
Bill Melton1977-2002
Warren G. Harding1951-1977
Lester Manning1949-1950
Tom Goforth1941-1948
J. R. McFarland1934-1940
Amanda Rankin1929-1933
Ed Russell1925-1928
S. S. Fitzhugh1921-1924
Blanche Elliott1919-1920
B. M. Bond1913-1919
H. L. Erwin1908-1912
K. Hall1901-1908
Ed Prather1896-1900
W. N. Coe1890-1896
Henry H. Smith1884-1890
J. T. Downes1883-1884
J.M. Berryman1878-1882
M. V. Cole1873-1878
Henry Ball1870-1872
A. J. Gauffe1868-1869
James Sheppard1866-1868
James P. Thomas1862-1866
Ed W. Hunt1858-1862
Robert J. West1855-1858
A. D. Rice1852-1854
J. B. McPherson1852
Wesley Morgan1851
Perry Dokan1851
William M. Lenard1849-1851
Charles G. Newton1847-1849
James B. Bryan1846-1847