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Transportation and Mobility Planning

Transportation and Mobility Planning

The Planning Team plays a major role in promoting the mission and vision of the Department of Public Works, and Dallas County’s Five-Part vision. The success of the Planning Team and the Department as a whole is dependent on positive working relationships that have been established and are continually being built with County partners, and with various other agencies within the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our primary responsibility is to coordinate and manage the Major Capital Improvements Program (MCIP) process. The Planning Team is also very much involved with many individual MCIP projects as well, working closely with the various cities and consultants.

Transportation and Mobility Planning Team provides these services by efficiently carrying out the following major functions:

The Transportation and Planning (T&P) division helps facilitate the MCIP Call for Projects by maintaining and updating the project selection criteria that is used to rank projects that are submitted by our cities. The division also aids in evaluating individual projects and making recommendations on project readiness to proceed to design.

  • Infrastructure Analysis & Management

This is another resource that Dallas County offers to its cities. The T&P division has the ability to study a defined area and make recommendations for infrastructure improvements based on need and priority. An example in the Southern Dallas County Infrastructure Analysis (SDCIA).

  • Mobility Plan

The T&P division is responsible for developing and maintaining the Dallas County Thoroughfare Plan. The Mobility Plan, which is planned to be adapted in late 2018, will replace the current Thoroughfare Plan. The Dallas County Mobility Plan, will serve as a regional guide for transportation planning in Dallas County. Once completed the mobility plan will help to identify strategic opportunities to facilitate better regional travel across Dallas County. These identified opportunities will provide guidance for cities and agencies that may choose to pursue these opportunities on their own or possibly through potential partnership from the Dallas County Major Capital Improvement Program (MCIP).

The previously mentioned MCIP is a partnership program for the cities of Dallas County. The program encourages cities to use the resources Dallas County has to offer in order to improve transportation within each city. As a result of this partnership, Dallas County does extensive City outreach to understand City priorities and needs.