Food and Nutrition Education

Health & Human Services - 2377 N. Stemmons Freeway, Dallas, TX 75207
Phone:  (214) 819-5115

Good nutrition is essential to living a healthy life and reducing the risk of chronic diseases. The CDPD is offering the following classes to educate Dallas County residents on healthy food options.

Cooking Matters:  Nutrition education classes and cooking demonstrations teaching individuals how to prepare healthy and affordable meals at home.

Cooking Matters at the Store:  A grocery store tour teaching individuals how to buy nutritious foods on a budget.

Healthy For Life:  A nutrition education program that covers various topics including healthy eating, cooking skills, gardening and exercise as a comprehensive approach to improve health.

Eat Smart, Live Strong:  A nutrition education series geared towards elderly individuals to help increase fruit and vegetable intake as well as physical activity. 

Just Say Yes to Fruits and Vegetables:  A program for food pantry participants teaching individuals how to prepare the foods distributed at the pantry.

Heart Smarts:  A program designed to teach individuals how to select healthy options when shopping at corner or convenience stores.

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