Workers Compensation

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Welcome to Dallas County Workers’ Compensation Section

Dallas County is committed to providing a safe working environment for its employees and will make every reasonable effort to ensure that employees are not injured while performing their job duties. We understand, however, that on-the-job accidents will happen. In that event, in compliance with the Texas Workers’ Compensation Act, the County will assist you with your recuperation and return to work efforts

On-the-job Injury

Employees with an on-the-job injury may be eligible for workers compensation benefits. The information on this web site is intended to help answer questions you may have about how the workers' compensation process works at Dallas County.  

Because your questions may differ depending upon whether you are the injured employee OR the supervisor, the information below has been tailored to address both situations.

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Brief Instructions for Employees:

Brief Instructions for Management

The My Texas Direct provider panel represents an exclusive group of medical providers that excel in treating injured workers and in returning them to productive duty in a timely manner.

A list of facilities approved for job related injuries, effective January 1, 2016.