North Mesquite Creek Preserve

Mesquite, Texas, 22 Acres

Entrances:707 Purple Sage (accessible through Shaw Park)
Mapsco:50, Section "P"

North Mesquite Creek Preserve Map

Preserve Features

North Mesquite Creek slowly winds through this wooded 22-acre Preserve which is located immediately north of Shaw Park. The creek's serpentine curves and flow, along with the presence of cattails, often give part of this site a swampy appearance.

The Preserve is suitable for nature study, walking, and informal picnicking.

Preserve History

North Mesquite Creek Preserve was the third preserve in the County's open space system. It was created in 1983.

At that time, this part of Mesquite was undeveloped. Today, the Preserve is surrounded by a completely built-out neighborhood. Had it not been for Baker & Associates #2 Joint Venture, which donated the property for the Preserve, this site would have also been subdivided and developed.

North Mesquite Creek PreserveNorth Mesquite Creek PreserveNorth Mesquite Creek Preserve
North Mesquite Creek Preserve

Preserve Amenities

There are no amenities actually located within the Preserve. However, because it is immediately adjacent to Shaw Park, visitors will have access to that park's picnic tables, playground, basketball courts, and baseball field. Parking is available either on-street or at Ruby Shaw Elementary School.


North Mesquite Creek Preserve is maintained by the City of Mesquite. To report maintenance issues, please call the Mesquite Parks and Recreation Department at (972) 216-6265.

Restricted Uses

Hunting and the use of alcohol, horses, motorized vehicles, hunting, fireworks, or weapons are not permitted within the Preserve.