Cedar Ridge Preserve

Dallas, Texas, 301 Acres

Entrances:7171 Mountain Creek Parkway
Mapsco:71B, Section "J"

Cedar Ridge Preserve Map

Preserve Features

Cedar Ridge Preserve, which is located in a part of the County where the Blackland Prairie (which characterizes most of North Texas) meets a limestone escarpment, provides visitors with incredible experiences--spectacular views, Hill Country-type terrain, heavily-wooded areas, and beautiful wildflowers--that generally cannot be found at one single site. As a result, Cedar Ridge is a popular destination for school field trips, hikers, bird-watchers, and people who just want to get away from the big city.

Cedar Ridge PreserveCedar Ridge PreserveCedar Ridge Preserve

Preserve History

What became this Preserve began in 1975 when the Greenhills Foundation first acquired twenty-six acres and the Dallas Nature Center began providing outdoor appreciation programs. In 1985, the County also began acquiring property in the area, and in 2003, the County acquired the last of the twenty-six acres that had once been owned by the Greenhills Foundation with Audubon Dallas also assuming the management and education role that had previously been provided by the Nature Center. Today, the County owns 301 acres, and the City of Dallas owns another 297 surrounding acres which are also a part of this Preserve.

Cedar Ridge Preserve

Preserve Amenities

The County, the City of Dallas, and Audubon Dallas have combined resources to provide Cedar Ridge with paved parking, classroom facilities, restrooms, water fountains, an outdoor amphitheater, picnic tables, interpretative signage, and eight miles of natural surface trails. In addition, Audubon Dallas offers a continuous series of educational classes, nature walks, and lectures. Information about Audubon's many activities and programs can be found at: www.audubondallas.org.

Cedar Ridge PreserveCedar Ridge PreserveCedar Ridge Preserve
Cedar Ridge PreserveCedar Ridge PreserveCedar Ridge Preserve


Cedar Ridge Preserve is maintained by Audubon Dallas. To report maintenance issues, please call Audubon Dallas at (972) 709-7784.

Restricted Uses

Hunting and the use of alcohol, motorized vehicles, horses, bicycles, fireworks, or weapons are not permitted within the Preserve.