Palmetto-Alligator Slough Preserve

Dallas County Open Space System, 268 Acres

Preserve Features

A major stopping point for migratory birds and containing the remnants of an extensive Upper Cretaceous swamp and a specie of palms that was previously not thought to be located this far north, this Preserve represents one of the most environmentally unique and sensitive sites in North Texas.

Because the water features are so extensive and because the ecosystem is so sensitive, please note that for safety reasons it is not possible to have the Preserve be open to the general public at this time. However, a system of boardwalks and observation points which will allow the public to safely enjoy the Preserve is planned. Until then, the Preserve is only open by permit to universities, governmental agencies, and credentialed researchers.

Preserve History

The Preserve's wetlands have been named for Mary Phinney who was the County Open Space Administrator from 1988-2010.

Palmetto-Alligator Slough PreservePalmetto-Alligator Slough Preserve

Preserve Amenities

There are presently no amenities available at the Preserve. A system of boardwalks and observation points are planned for a later date.


Dallas County is responsible for maintaining this Preserve. Please call the County at (214) 653-6653 to report any maintenance issues.

Restricted Uses

Because it is not presently possible for the public to access the Preserve without either endangering themselves or the habitat, access is currently allowed ONLY BY COUNTY PERMIT for recognized research/educational purposes. Please call (214) 653-6653 for more information.

The use of alcohol, motorized vehicles, fireworks, or weapons is not permitted within the Preserve. Hunting, swimming, and boating are also not permitted.